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Together we can enhance the rebirth of a Sustainable Environment.

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About Us

RECYCLEDGE is a social motivating force enterprise aimed at improving, advancing and rewarding the acts of a healthy and harmless environment. Our model of operation is targeted towards advancing the rebirth of a sustainable environment for the present and future generations through our short term and long term programmes.


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To be a key role player in ensuring a stable ecosystem by employing diverse working strategies towards achieving and promoting a harmless environment through recycling.


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To ensure a vivacious and eco-friendly atmosphere for the present generation and those yet unborn by distinctly expanding opportunities to connect concerned government stakeholders, manufacturers, retailers, consumers and post consumers to embrace waste recycling as a means of controlling environmental hazards.


What We Do

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Recyclopedia Programme

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Digital Sensitization

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R 'n' R

Why Recycledge?

Solid waste mismanagement is a major environmental challenge in most Nigerian states. Waste generation rate in Nigeria is estimated at approximately 805,480 metric tonnes weekly which gives an average of 42 million tonnes of wastes generated annually. Various studies espoused that this is more than half of 62 million tonnes of waste generated in Sub-Sahara Africa annually and WHERE & HOW to channel these wastes becomes a huge problem for the nation.

Studies further revealed that over 40% of generated wastes which are detrimental to human lives are taken to landfill sites. Regrettably, only 32% of wastes on our landfill sites are degradable which makes the problems of solid waste management deteriorate in Nigeria ranging from poor collection and disposal methods; lack or poor waste management database; insufficient financial resources; non-compliance to laws and lack of awareness on dangers of poor sanitary habits, hence the birth of RECYCLEDGE to tackle the aforementioned menace.

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