Our Services

Recyclopedia programme is to edify stronghold of learning (Colleges) on how natural danger which is brought about by ill-advised waste administration is detrimental to environment and how it can be controlled.

The Recyclopedia programme tagged #CreateDontWaste is aimed at educating and training student on how to turn waste to wealth by challenging their creative knowledge and also rewarding most innovative college / student.

The whole world is going digital. Our digital sensitization is our vuvuzela aimed to reach out to millions of people across the country, using our social media pages as a tool to broaden the knowledge of Nigerians on impending environmental issues and why everyone should join the environmental sustainability movement. This also features publication of articles on our Blog page published by Environmental Accountants, Ecologist, and Environmentalist.

R n R is aimed at rewarding consumers and post consumers passion for a sustainable environment.

Less Waste, More Rewards– Consumers and post consumers earn coupons after they engage in dropping off their recyclables at our hub Centers or partake in our door to door services which are facilitated by registered scavengers who engage in collection of wastes.

Drop Off Centers– On deposit of wastes at allocated hub centers, consumers/post consumers get their recyclable waste weighed and gets awarded coupons online which after accrual shall  be redeemed to claim any available gifts/cash.

Online Drop Off– Consumers can also get rewards in the convenience of their homes by registering on our page, get their recyclable waste across to our hub centers by contacting or clicking our onscreen WhatsApp business page, after which a Recycledge delegate shall be sent for physical pick up.The coupon shall be awarded online and claims shall be after accrual of certain point 

Silver for Gold

This is a platform for jewelers who are hesitant to clear out treasures (broken or outdated jewelries) in their jewelry box, to sell to Recycledge and make some cash for new bling.

Our Recyclable Products:

  • E-Wastes
  • Plastics (PETs bottles)
  • Batteries
  • Automotive Wastes
  • Corrugated Cartons
  • Used Jewelries